home development part 2.

i have been shooting a lot of medium format lately, more than 35mm, and i love it.
i smashed through 2 rolls of Tri-X in about a week, had a go at developing it myself.
wasnt too sure how i’d go loading the 120, considering how much i have been struggling with the 35mm, but after a few youtube videos, i was ready to go, and i somehow managed to have no issues each time.
im getting mixed messages about pre-soaking 120, some say yes, some no. so i didnt bother, and didnt see any adverse affects. what are peoples thoughts?
i reused the developer for the second roll, it was quite reddish after the first roll, and added approx 10% to the developing time.
both rolls were a success! really happy.
i also bought a new scanner. Epson Photo V600, bought it as a refurbed unit from the Epson website, works well! only cost about $250 too!


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