Thomson Dam.

after visiting the snow on the weekend, i drove a few K’s down the road to Thompsom Dam. i have a strange obsession with dams and mountains, i dont know why, maybe its the wide open spaces, being surrounded by bush, but it tends to have a calming influence on me.
the next 2 photos were taken on a Crown Graphic 4×5 with TMax 400 film.
im really enjoying using this camera and format, just need to get better at loading film holders…


5 Comments on “Thomson Dam.

  1. Nice. Jealous 🙂 I haven’t busted out my 4×5 in ages. Totally know what you mean about loading film holders 🙂

    • Get out and use it man!
      I just loaded 6 holders yesterday. Such a tedious task, but I’m getting better at it.

      • Mines a Cambo Monorail so weighs a freakn ton… Slightly off putting especially with kids running around 🙂

  2. Thank you for listing your blog address in your comment on Leanne Cole’s blog. I came immediately here. And, I am very pleased that I did. I got interested in large format photography from my exposure to it on an old photographer’s blog. I was so enthralled by the photography of the fifties that I did a blog post on this old man. His name is Maurice Shapiro. I have bought a number of his prints too.
    He is eighty-two years old, I think. He is also a well-known painter. And a gentleman.
    I know nothing of photography except that I love it. I know the difference in the second photograph above compared to the result you would have achieved with a digital image. You could explain it, of course. I only see it. I suspect that what I am seeing is the difference in the continuous analog stream versus the rapid sampling produced by digital imaging? I sense that there is no possibility of capturing the texture of these trees with a digital camera. Am I imagining this? I am certain that I never saw such a photograph before. I am fascinated by it. Your photographs feel like liquid silk. There is a depth and softness there that I can’t explain.
    Your work is superb. I am happy that I found you.
    Granny 🙂

    • thanks again for the kind words, i really appreciate it!
      Maurice Shapiro looks to be quite a talented man, those photos are amazing.
      Large Format film, being so large, offers so much more detail that can be seen on any other format, which i think has me hooked. i occasionally shoot with a digital camera, but its not the same, i dont have the same connection with the camera as i do with a film camera. i think i just enjoy the whole process of film more, from loading film, to taking a photo then developing it in my bathroom.

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