weekend adventures.

being able you see a scene, visualize the photo, then make it a reality is a good feeling, and when i scanned this negative, i was quite excited to see it came out as i had envisaged.
on the weekend, after sitting around for a few hours, bored and whinging about being cold, i decided to go for a drive. since im currently not working, im not sure why i only ever seem to go out on weekends.
anyways, a few months ago i went to Licola for a drive, and really enjoyed the landscapes, nice vibrant green grass, rolling hills.. i had been wanting to return, but new adventures always take precedence to old haunts.
as i was driving along the windy, mountain roads, i caught a glimpse of the rocks protruding from the face of the mountain, with a clear blue sky as a background and to top it all off, a half moon was sitting just above.
my thoughts soon shifted to ‘where can i park!’, the road was quite narrow, with no shoulder, so i kept driving, with my attention divided between watching where i was going and staring at the mountain.
soon enough i found a spot to pull over, and i parked the car, grabbed my cameras and was on a mission to find a spot to set up.
about a hundred or so meters up the road i found a good view, but i had to head about 10 meters down an embankment, and this is where i got the following photo.
this photo was taken with my Crown Graphic 4×5, Schneider 150mm lens and Shanghai GP3 100 film, with a red filter.
i quite like the combination of the Shanghai film and R09 developer. both are quite cheap, so i should stock up!


One Comment on “weekend adventures.

  1. I’ve looked at this many times over the past month. I originally saw it on your blog, but I saw it again today on Flickr.
    It is good. Well done, and thank you.

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