Hasselblad & Provia 100f

i think i have said it before, but i dont shoot much colour film..
i find it hard to get good colours, and its expensive/time consuming to get colour films developed.
but every-so-often i make the effort, and occasionally get pleasantly surprised.
Hasselblad 500C/M and Fuji Provia 100f film


2 Comments on “Hasselblad & Provia 100f

  1. i rarely shoot color film myself. i do develop color negatives myself but its a bit messy, and my chemistry has a very short shelf life. i had to try shooting slide coz the resulting slides just look so cool! haha. but i dont have E6 chemistry with me, so i gave it to the lab, and the next couple of times i did slide was with my Lomo, and i just cross processed it in C41

    unfortunately, i cant view the pictures linked here – broken links, perhaps?

    • cool!
      i have an E6 kit with the intention to develop my own slide film, but really don’t want to mess up!
      sorry, but i cant see any problems with the links, they’re working on my iphone, and on the pc im on now.

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