Old Darnum Milk Factory, part 2

while i was there the other day, i also shot a roll of Agfa Scala 200 in my Hasselblad, was a good chance to try my new 50mm T* lens out.
using 200iso film and having a max aperture of f/4 was a bit tough in such a dark place, especially without a tripod… rookie mistake!
i am blown away with this film though, already up there with my favorites! after shooting it, when i got home i started to look at development times, when i realised that Scala is a POSITIVE B&W!
but the more i looked, i found people talking about developing it as a Negative. well i had nothing to lose! i mixed up some Agfa Rodinal 1:100 and stand developed for an hour, and im quite happy with the results! except for a few blurry shots and half the roll have a dirty big scratch down the negative, which i think i found the reason, and have now hopefully fixed.


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