im a bit behind on my scanning, and have a few rolls to go through and post about, but just a bit lazy really..
but here’s some Polaroids that i took yesterday on my recently acquired polaroid back for my 4×5.

theres a few odd colour shifts, and i think thats due to the film be a few years old, and i froze it once, before i was told that is a no-no..
still happy though, just hope the films i shot work out well too!


6 Comments on “Polaroids

  1. Great shots James. My daughter really wants to play with the polaroid I have, but the film is $30 for 8 images. I can’t believe that polaroids are making a huge comeback, I saw two places seeing them in the city yesterday.

    • Thanks Leanne.
      The polaroid film is nothing like it used to be, the best and cheapest way to get your daughter shooting Polaroids is to get a Polaroid Automatic Land camera, check my ‘Cameras’ page to see the one I have. If you get one from the 1xx,2xx,3xx or 4xx series, you should be good to go, but you may need to do a slight battery modification, instructions can be found online. There’s plenty for sale on ebay around the $50-80 mark, so don’t spend more than that. They use Fuji FP100c peel apart film, which is the type I used for these shots, and that film is quite a bit cheaper and easier to use! Good luck!

      • Wow, what fabulous art. Very telentad. I’ll definitely send some things through from my creative boys. I’ll do it over the weekend as I know they’ll want to go through all their art to find something special. What a great idea and I missed it the first time you posted it. Pruxxx

  2. great shots, James. I guess these are taken on your 320? I’m thinking of getting into the vintage polaroid stuff too – thinking of going with a 250 or a 450 or something similar – i believe packfilm can be acquired fairly easily, although like you mention above, the battery mod is necessary. great work! (and i just saw your cameras page, nice collection!)

    • Thanks Heshan!
      these were actually shot using my Crown Graphic with a polaroid film holder.
      there is lots of the pack film available on ebay, either Colour; FP100C or B&W FP100B (hard to find, discontinued) and FP3000B.
      i cant wait to try some B&W polaroids out!

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