Two weekends ago i drove to Sydney to check out the Vivid Sydney, Reportage, and Head On festival.
my main attraction was James Nachtwey was doing a talk, and had some photos on show, being a big fan, i had to go.
the talk mainly consisted of him showing a slide show and him explaining the photos- how he took them, what happened, what they mean. it was well worth the trip.
i also got to check out Jeff Walls exhibition again and hung out with a few mates. i was hoping to maybe go to the Blue Mountains for a day or 2, but come down with a cold, and wasnt really in the mood for walking around, so i just drove home.
i still have a few rolls of slide film to be developed, but that wont happen for a few weeks, so for now, heres a few shots i took.

Hasselblad 500CM, Kodak Portra 400NC

Canon EOS 1N, Ilford XP2


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