Western Australian Adventures

a few months ago i got a call regarding work in Western Australia..
since i was unemployed at the time, and i was going to be living in Fremantle, i took the job, and was flown over.
i kept my camera kit very basic, Canon 1N and Richoh GR1s and about 10 rolls of film to last the 7 weeks i would be there.
the work was good, the accommodation.. not so.. but it was in a good location. Fremantle is such a beautiful place, unfortunately i only had 1 day a week to really enjoy it.
so far i have only developed my colour film, so i still have a few rolls of B&W to go through, but since i have been fairly quiet on the blog front, i thought an update was well overdue.
apart from just seeing Fremantle, i did get a chance to see some of Western Australia’s natural wonders, The Pinnacles! they were a pretty awesome sight, and im glad i got the chance to go.

Canon EOS 1N, FUJI PRO 400H

Ricoh GR1s FUJI Velvia 100F


2 Comments on “Western Australian Adventures

  1. I’ve never had or used a GR1 so only know the camera from reputation. Is that vignetting at the top of the shot or is something else operating?

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