well my towns suffering quite severe flooding, but not even floodwaters will stop some.. Advertisements

magic mushy

Pentax K5 w/ DA18-55

first for 2012

well its a new year, so here’s a new post. i also just got a new camera, a Leica M3 Double Stroke with a 50mm Summarit f1.5, a Leica MC Meter and an original Leica leather case. anyways, here’s a few snaps from my Pentax K5 with Pentax M50mm f1.7 lens. i also have a few rolls of film that i need to get…

studio hangouts

few digital shots from out back of the Latrobe Contemporary Gallery / Rambler Studio. featuring Ryan and Jamie.

blue rock dam

one of my favorite riding spots is now 2 meters under water… so since i cant ride anyway, i just went there late in the afternoon and took some photos.

xmas family photo

For Christmas this year, we went to Chris and Belinda’s for lunch. and after lunch i was commissioned to take a family photo… it took me 3 goes to get the remote shutter and timer right, but i got there.